Sharing the hope of Jesus with asylum seekers and refugees in Sydney through emotional, practical and spiritual support.

Find out how your gift of friendship can make a wonderful difference.

No matter who you are, or what your personality, one of humanity’s most basic but essential needs is to feel connected to other people. It’s something we often don’t appreciate the value of until we feel the sting of loneliness and isolation. That’s why Sydney Refugee Team is asking you to give your gift of friendship and become a Refugee Companion.

When refugee families move into a Sydney suburb, they have significant barriers to overcome in language, culture and social structure. Connecting with the bustling community around them is a bewildering and overwhelming puzzle for most.

Sydney Refugee Team knows the importance your gift of friendship is in helping refugee families make sense of our confusing Sydney society. Companionship can make the difference between achieving a sense of belonging, or not.

What does being a Refugee Companion look like?

The Sydney Refugee Team is looking for local couples and individuals willing and available to regularly visit one refugee family. Visitation helps break down barriers of isolation. English is practised in a non-threatening environment with informal conversation. Fear of the unknown is reduced by having someone for company when going shopping or to an appointment. The offer of authentic friendship helps create a safe environment for refugee families. As a result, our refugee and asylum seeker friends are freed to more easily embrace a new life looking forwards to a positive future.  Within the context of companionship, the door can also be opened to naturally demonstrate the hope you personally have in Jesus with one of our refugee families. If you or your family would like to give your gift of friendship and become a Refugee Companion, we’d love to hear from you.

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