Sharing the hope of Jesus with people seeking asylum and refuge



Relationship is central to all that we do.
We seek to build genuine relationships within our team, with people of refugee background, and with God.


As Jesus shows compassion, we are compelled to alleviate suffering and help meet the needs of people of refugee background through the enabling of the Holy Spirit.


We endeavour to walk alongside people of refugee background in order to equip and encourage them to become confident participants in the Australian community.


We believe in the God of the Bible, that all people are created in His image, and our greatest need is to be in relationship with Him.
This faith compels us. We respect people from all faith backgrounds and seek to share God’s love with them.


Sydney Refugee Team share the hope, love and truth of Jesus
with people seeking asylum and refuge.
We demonstrate God’s character through building genuine relationships and offering physical, emotional, social and spiritual support.
In this we help equip and empower people to settle into a new culture.
We seek to engage and equip the local church in doing the same.


We trust in God’s provision through donations needed to offer this assistance.
All our members are volunteers and do not draw from the funds given for refugee assistance for their own living expenses but give from their own time or have their own support group.