Help provide food for people seeking asylum

How many times have you felt starving, surveyed the shelves full of food in your pantry, but felt like you’ve nothing good to eat? This first world problem is starkly different to opening the fridge or kitchen cupboard and finding no food at all for your hungry family. For most of us, our homes are, in reality, amply stocked with plenty of options. But for some the refugee families Sydney Refugee Team assist, this is, sadly, not the case. That’s why we’re asking you to join us as one of our Food Parcel Team volunteers.

Many refugees and asylum seekers in Sydney receive either no, or insufficient, financial support from the government. Many struggle to find work, or the restrictions of their visa don’t allow them to. Feeding their families is a significant struggle each week and places great strain on these precious people who have already endured so much.

Each week on Wednesday, our Food Parcel Team volunteers participate in various capacities to bring nutritious supplies of food to our refugee families. If you are available on Wednesdays and would like to help us pack bags of groceries and/or deliver them to appreciative refugee families around Sydney, we’d love to hear from you!


I'm interested in serving with the Food Parcel Team

Opportunities to serve

Can you help to purchase the food that we need to provide each week?

It costs us about $10 per family per week