Give a gift of friendship and mobilise your Church!

What is the need?

With many new Afghani (and other) refugees arriving, we would like to expand our Companion and Food Parcel programs and invite your church to come alongside Sydney Refugee Team (SRT) and help reach out to our newly arrived refugee friends, by building friendship through food and relationship, thus creating a Church Hub in your church. SRT will match your church with a refugee family or families. This would usually entail coordination of a Food parcel Team – organising food items each fortnight and a Companion/Food Delivery Team – 1-2 people per fortnight to take food and visit the family. The food delivery it is not like a simple pizza delivery. Food deliveries are “open doors” for sharing hospitality and time together, crossing culture and language barriers and giving the gift of your presence, friendship, and love.

What your church provides:

  1. Food Parcels fortnightly:
    A co-ordinator from your church will organise congregation to bring in food items or co-ordinate with Foodbank NSW/Anglicare Community Food Pantry, or what your church prefers.
    We suggest providing groceries up to a value of about $100 per refugee family per fortnight.
    A list of suggested preferred grocery items (based on ethnicity) will be provided.
  1. Companion/Food delivery Team:
    Deliver and visit family fortnightly. This would typically include a visit for up to an hour. Each person on the delivery team must be trained as per above and submit Companion application to SRT.
  2. Feedback to SRT (Necessary for accountability and ongoing support)
    Monthly updates and prayer requests

Please note this partnership is for 1 year, if you would like to continue for a longer period then we can review at the end of the year.

I'm interested in setting up a Church Hub

Opportunities to serve

Upcoming Training

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