Posted 01 September 2021

In the past weeks we have seen a crisis unfolding in Afghanistan.
We have become aware of people who have to live under repressive regimes.
We have become aware of people who are persecuted – even by their own governments.
We have seen the need for people to flee and become forcibly displaced from their countries.
We see the need and want to show compassion – to help in some way.

Sydney Refugee Team has been sharing the hope, love and truth of Jesus with people who have been forcibly displaced for over 25 years. We don’t know how many Afghans will arrive in Australia out of this current situation, but we already have contact with a number of families who have recently arrived. We are planning to put together welcome parcels for them. Additionally, we have ongoing relationships with many people from Afghanistan as well as people who have been forcibly displaced from many other countries.

Although, due to the current Covid stay-at-home restrictions, we are unable to visit families as would be our preference, we still continue to support many families each week. Due to Covid, many are out of work and struggling financially so we help them with food deliveries, supermarket gift cards, and assistance with utility bills. This helps to alleviate some of the stress that they are under. We are continually trying to find creative ways that we can support and encourage families. At the moment, we are designing and printing encouraging bible verse fridge magnets in their languages. We hope to post these to people in the coming weeks.

We invite you to partner with us as we support vulnerable people.